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Aerobic landfills against Anaerobic ones

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  • We are printing as many petitions as we can afford to supply volunteers! If you can't afford this expense please let us know so we can help put 200 of each petition into your hands! We can currently supply about 500 to 1,000 volunteers based on the current donations we have and plan to receive.

  • It is cheaper for volunteers to simply get their petitions printed at a cost of about $20. Our cost is $21 for 200 of each proposal (a total of 400 copies), so others may be able to get better pricing! When adding the time, effort, and cost to distribute petitions to volunteers we can see the opportunity to save everyone valuable time and financial resources!

  • Please also consider mailing costs, which should be under $15 per packet of 400 petitions mailed. We will have collection points set up throughout the state as things progress to help mitigate these costs. Still, all petitions will need to come to the address listed on the petition and ultimately back to the proponent by the collection date specified once circulation begins!

  • We will be validating, sorting, counting, and vetting all petitions as we go, and every volunteer will have actual data and numbers to see and share once connected to our online open campaign platform, which will be used to track everything!

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Signature Gathering Made Easy!

This is how Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Signature Gathering is Done!If signature gatherers do not follow directions or pay attention to these stepsthen all efforts will be very easily wasted for NOT doing it right!



  • Start by downloading the PDF file using the above link

  • Purchase "legal size" 20# white paper which is 8.5" X 14" only for California's Adoption of Landfill Modernization to Achieve Carbon Neutrality (CALM-ACN) petition! (Note: Regular size paper can't be used for this petition, so we recommend using a local print shop to print!)

  • Set printer settings (on your printer menu) to print on 8.5" X 14" paper for (CALM-ACN). The final document will fit the full page leaving a 1" margin at the top and a 1/4" margin on the sides and at the bottom. Printing PDF to "Actual Size" on most printers gives these margins.

    1. Make sure your printer is set up properly to print a black and white document and is printing clean and clear images. (Note: streaks, smudges, smears, double images, blurred, faded print, torn paper, and any flaws, in general, are not acceptable. Petitions must be clean and uniformly printed with clear writing to be considered legal.)

    2. Make sure paper is loaded properly and fed evenly into the printer.

    3. Open the PDF file in your computer PDF reader program and click on print, then go to print settings.

    4. It is a two-page document that must be printed on one sheet of paper. (Front to back.)

    5. The diagram below shows an example of printer settings, including the margins and overall look of the final page dimensions. (It is important to select "fit to page" otherwise the image will not fit the 8.5" X 14" paper with the legal 1" top margin requirement.)

    6. Some printers will print two-sided front to back and as long as the document flips along the long edge like reading a book it is being printed correctly.) (If printing one side at a time it will be very important to make sure the top of each page has the 1-inch margin so flipping and feeding is up to how your printer works. If printing multiple sheets one side at a time then it is best to print all one side first, then flip the stack together, and then print all of the back in the second run. Test print a page to make sure each petition is printing properly before printing the entire stack.)

    7. If this is all too difficult to make work, or if printing lots of petitions, it may be best to simply find an inexpensive print shop and pay them to do it right! They will set the print to "Actual Size" but make sure the final copy has a 1" top Margin. A single petition is not a big deal cost-wise, but when printing in bulk, it is best to shop around.

    8. Contact us if you have any questions!


  1. You must be at least 18 years old to collect signatures!

  2. Each petition must contain ONLY signatures from registered voters in the single County you designate on each page of the petition. (So one petition means one County of voters who signed it!)

  3. Only signatures and addresses from CA registered voters who have an up-to-date and accurate name and residence information on file with the California Secretary of State will be counted, so please make sure all endorsements have full legal voter names, signatures, and addresses that match CA Voter Registration Department records.

    • No guessing please, call voter registration departments directly or check online with each county to verify the information before signing, it takes a moment, and if that's not possible simply move on to the next registered voter who is current with their information. It’s more important that we get it right than simply fill the spaces!

  4. Only one signature per Voter and DOUBLE signatures cause all kinds of problems and can cost us a percentage of all our signatures as they are identified and need to be removed ahead of time! Ask people sign who care about this proposal, and want to see it happen, and it shouldn't be a problem! (NO DOUBLE or DUPLICATE SIGNATURES)

    • NO Duplicate Signatures!!!!!! Only one signature per registered voter on each petition and we must inform potential repeat signers that it is illegal for them to sign more than once. So if there is any uncertainty do not accept the signature!

  5. Absolutely NO P.O. Boxes are allowed anywhere on the form!

    • No P.O. Boxes Allowed!!!!!! Address information is a current residence and physical address only!

  6. Use a "blue or black" ball point pen only!

    1. So NO fountain pens felt pens, crayons, pencils, or any other colors will be allowed. It’s a legal document and needs to be treated as such.

  7. Do NOT write in the space label for "official use only" located on the Right of each signature space, and the space on the Left can be used to reprint any information that makes the signature and addresses more identifiable because the owner writing may not be readable. Do not change anything just write clearly in the small space on the left only so officials can find them in their system easier.

  8. If someone messes up signing in any way, no big deal, just tear the petition in half and start a new one. Orient people to what they are doing before signing and there should not be as many mistakes.

  9. All signatures MUST be witnessed by the person collecting signatures unless the same voter signs and fills out their declaration section. (This is what the "Declaration of Circulator" section at the end of each petition is for and this portion must be filled out properly to have all the signatures count.) Signing your petition that you are circulating as a CA voter is permitted (one time only and on the first petition only). Each petition must then be completed by filling out and signing the Declaration section at the end of the petition with you filling out your accurate Name, dates of circulation/(started collecting and finished collecting), date the form was finalized/completed and the County where you are physically standing in when you sign the form with your full legal name and middle initial if you have one. All signatures collected must fall between these dates. Do not pre-fill out dates, and it's best to fill in the information when it's time to do so as each petition is committed to the county the voter lives in. One signature per voter per petition means the petition can be dated and finalized all in one setting. Keeping things in order while filling out the petition will help us to keep from making mistakes which could cost us all the signatures on the petition as it would not be valid if this is not done right. Again, never sign more than one petition as a supporting registered voter of the ballot measure. This constitutes a duplicate signature and causes a percentage of all signatures to be discounted each time it is done! The declaration signature is not counted as a voter signature in support of the proposal which means it's not considered a duplicate for the voter or signature gathering volunteers to sign the Declaration after signing in support.

    • Petition Circulators must fill in the County they will be collecting signatures in on each petition at the time the first signature is collected. Please do not fill in the County until you are going collect signatures on them! Once you fill in the County name, only voter signatures from that County are permitted to be placed on that petition! No exceptions so please confirm with the signer where they are registered first!

    • So, at the time the voter's signature gets placed on each petition, we require that you put the starting date and ending in the “Declaration of Circulator” section at the end of each petition. Please do not put in this date until you are certain that you will be getting the first signature filled out. Use the same date for each space on the petition and you are done collecting the signature for that petition and it is ready to be turned in to us!

    • All signatures must be observed or provided by the same registered voter for each petition and it's best to instruct the person signing to put the correct information in each of the spaces provided if observing as a circulator. For example, The first space is for them to legibly print their name. If this is not legible please confirm their name and spelling in the single open box space immediately to the left of where they signed! The open space to the right of each signature box is to be kept free and it’s helpful to let each signer be aware of this. Going slightly over the margins will not ruin the endorsement as long as it's accurate but we still want to again stay organized. Some counties are more strict than others and could disqualify a signature if they do not have their official space free of any marks. The entire petition must be free from any marks other than the marks needed to fill out the voter information and Declaration information spaces.

    • If the signer makes a mistake and it is determined that starting over is necessary a new petition is required as there is only one space to use per petition. Do not make any other marks or attempt to black out or remove the information as this will nullify the signature!

    • We want to avoid registering people to vote at the time of circulation because it simply adds extra steps to ensure that their signature counts. If you wish to do this, please ask for additional guidelines before providing voter registration services during this signature gathering effort. Please start now telling folks to get their voter registration filed and up to date! It can be done online! They must be currently registered and have up-to-date and accurate information at the time of signing.

    • Finalizing each petition requires the “Declaration of Circulator” section at the end of each petition to be filled out properly and completely by each petition circulator or by the voter who signed the petition. Once you have collected your last signature on a petition print your name and put your residence address, (P.O. Box is not acceptable.) Put the date you got the signature on, and use the same date for both when you started and finished collecting the signature. One signature per petition makes this very simple to complete in one setting. Then put the date and place of signing that you are physically standing in at the time of signing the declaration. (For example: “El Dorado County”) Finish by signing your full legal name and middle initial if you have one!

  10. Please use this website, our contact pages, and our mailing address to answer all questions, and ultimately get electronic signature-gathering petitions delivered back to us!