Frequently Asked Questions

What is Net0air?

Net0air is a 501(c)4 organization tethered to the New Green Deal consortium that acts as a political handle, providing the NGD consortium with a necessary voice translating the concerns of the masses into legislative changes to change the laws surrounding environmental issues for the better.

What is the primary concern of Net0air?

The primary concern of Net0air at the moment is to bypass and/or amend the 2016 SB 1383 of California in order to modernize landfills and provide a much better waste management system costing the citizens of California absolutely nothing.

Who owns Net0air?

Net0air is a 501(c)4 political handle owned by the New Green Deal Consortium.

What is the New Green Deal Consortium?

The New Green Deal Consortium is a group of tied industries primarily working towards protecting a parent’s most valuable investment - Their Children and the community’s most valuable investment - Its Environment and Future.

How does Net0air plan to amend the 2016 SB 1383?

Net0air being a political handle, shall collect signatures for the CALM-ACN initiative on a standard evavluated petition that would be signed by registered voters of the state of California. When enough signatures are collected, then the initiative would end up on the ballot, initiating the process to amend the SB 1383. Please help us by downloading our petition here

Can I volunteer for Net0air?

Yes, you can volunteer for Net0air. You can sign up on our job portal to join the resurgence force earth. You can become a part of hundreds of people using their valuable voices for an environmental cause

What is Resurgence force earth?

Resurgence Force Earth is the volunteer contingent of Net0air where people from all walks of life are provided with an opportunity and a position of power to use their voices for to catalyze a better future for our environment by helping us bring in changes that effect everyone as a whole.

What qualifications do i need to have in order to become a volunteer?

There is no base line that defines qualifications that you would need to have in order to become one of the volunteers but if you have expertise in a particular niche then you could use those skills to become one of our strong pillars.

What is CALM-ACN?

CALM-ACN stands for California’s Adoption of Landfill Modernization to Achieve Carbon Neutrality. This initiative helps us legally amend the 2016 SB 1383 and makes it easier for us to deploy a much more efficient waste management system that doesnt cost the hard-working Tax-payer anything at all

How can I help the CALM-ACN initiative?

You could help us out by signing our petition and/or using our advocacy actions that would help us get our message across to top-tier decision makers and publications, helping us echo our voice far and wide.

What are advocacy Net0air Advocy Actions?

You can use the advocacy actions provided by us to send letters to decision makers and representatives in your community directly to help voice your support and concerns. You can also send letters to popular publications in order to help Net0air get the deserving limelight it needs. We need every single push that we can get. Do your part by doing the advocacy actions now.

Where is Net0air based?

Net0air is based in Sacramento California but does not just limit its activities to california or the United States. We act as a voice for the people of earth and the earth itself to help save our environment for future generations.

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